The thesis is a research work, the purpose of which is to solve important scientific problems based on their own authoring. The result of a successful dissertation defense is the assignment of degrees. In our country there are dissertations for the degree of candidate of science and doctor of science. Accordingly, the requirements for the preparation of these types of dissertations are different. Writing a thesis in advance includes the choice of methods and techniques of research. The dissertation preparation process is divided into a number of interrelated stages.

At the first stage, the topic of the dissertation is approved by the Applicant with the help of a supervisor. At the second stage, the parts of the thesis are coordinated. At the third stage, the selection of literature and the formation of the scientific basis for writing the dissertation research take place. At the fourth stage, the applicant directly starts writing a dissertation. At the fifth stage, the final version of the work is considered by the supervisor. At the sixth stage, the applicant makes the main conclusions of his work in the form of an abstract, submitting it for consideration by the head. At the last stage, the applicant makes the last adjustments based on the consideration of his or her work by the head.

The structure of the dissertation

The dissertation consists of the following interrelated parts: title page content introduction main part conclusion bibliographic list of the appendix alphanumeric index. Writing a dissertation research is associated with the need to process a vast array of scientific information, in a clear formation of the problematic, and most importantly, in a competent scientific substantiation of the results. The solution of the problem proposed by the applicant should be in the nature of the author’s innovation that has not been used previously. Best dissertation writing website is comprehensive and diverse support. We are ready to carry out the whole complex of works on the preparation of dissertation research. We only attract the best specialists with experience in writing these papers to writing a thesis. Our help in writing a thesis also includes its design in accordance with the standards.

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